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The 5 Most Instagrammable Eats in Sydney

It’s a scientifically proven fact that food which is well presented and visually appealing tastes better than the same food which is just slopped onto a plate. This means there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding places that have insta-worthy food offerings. Now we aren’t saying you should tolerate average taste in favour of pretty presentation. You can have it all. As dedicated foodie travellers, we recently went in search of the 5 most instagrammable eats in Sydney.

Doux Amour

This tiny little pop-up store in Regent Place is only serving one thing; choux buns. Decorated as cute little creatures, each kind is filled with a unique flavoured cream. I indulged in the Rose and Lychee flavoured bun, as well as (yes, I had two) one with a cookies and cream filling. If you’re adventurous, you could try their Matcha or Chai flavours. I thought the Earl Grey Koala choux bun was the most adorable of the lot! At $7.60 each, they aren’t cheap; but where else can you get such a cute food picture for your insta!?

Celsius Coffee

Across the bridge towards North Sydney, you’ll find the small but popular Celsius. Its not somewhere you’d stumble on by accident; the easiest way to get there is to jump on a ferry to Kirribilli. Celsius is right there on the ferry docking platform. They serve up a range of speciality coffees and delightful breakfast items. Although all of them are delicious, the Celsius Waffle is the best looking one of all. The light and fluffy peanut butter cream dolloped on top, coupled with the zesty fresh fruit can’t be beaten. A coffee and my waffle set me back $23.50.

Aqua S

For ice cream, there is nowhere better in Sydney than Aqua S. On the ground floor of Regent Place Arcade, this little gem serves Sydney’s best looking (and tasting) soft serve. Don’t expect heaps of flavours; they do only 3 at a time. When we visited, we went with 2 flavours – sea salt and panna cotta. For the benefit of our Instagram photo, we added caramel popcorn as an extra and we can promise you the ice cream was $6 well spent. We love that they change the flavours every 2 weeks, so there’s always a need to go back!

La Floraison

If you love all things mermaid, then you won’t want to miss the cupcake they serve up at La Floraison. The café is super cute, with fairy lights and flowers everywhere. Add to that the adorable prints they can add to your morning coffee and you’re on to a winner. I was a bit surprised (horrified) so find out that my coffee and cupcake was costing me $17 though, so although I loved it, it’s not a place I’ll go back to time and again. Thankfully I have my Instagrammable photos and happy memories.


The Grounds of Alexandria

To the south of Sydney, the sprawling set-up of the Grounds of Alexandria is worth the effort of getting to. An easy walk from Green Square train station, this is definitely a like-a-local spot; no tourists here! There are a few food venue options, ranging from stalls to restaurants. Spend some time before or after your meal wandering around; the flower shop is incredible! Now back to the food: the deconstructed mocha is divine. A mocha seems innocent, right? Wait until you see the melted chocolate! I went with smashed avocado on sourdough bread with a side of poached egg. The bill came to around $27. There were so many amazing photos from this place that I couldn’t choose only one, so check out the video for a 30-second tour.


Do you know of any incredibly instagrammable places to eat in Sydney? We’d love to hear about them! Our foodie tour of Sydney continues, so subscribe now so you don’t miss our follow-up article featuring more photogenic foods from Sydney. For more of our best travel and food photos, follow us on Instagram



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