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London’s best street food

Southbank Centre Food Market

There’s something about street food that I absolutely love. Yes, don’t get me wrong, I also very much enjoy sitting down at a warm, dry table and being waited on but there’s something so satisfying about street food. Perhaps it’s the fact you’re forced to juggle it a bit as you try to eat, or maybe the inevitable smear of sauce that adorns your chin after devouring whatever goodies have come from the foil, tray or serviette you’re holding. Anyway, before I wander off into a food daydream, I thought I would share three of our favourite street food haunts in London, south of the river.


I can’t get enough of covered food markets. Whether it’s Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid or Nishiki Market in Kyoto, they are always bustling places full of flavours, raucous chatter and fresh produce. Borough Market is absolutely no exception. Situated right by London Bridge, the market sells all kinds of food and fresh produce, from pulled-pork rolls and mulled cider, to punnets of strawberries and Cheddar cheese.

Top tip: Take a stroll around and pick up a few different bits and pieces to make up your meal. Afterwards, head to one of the local pubs or bars for a speciality craft ale.

Our pick: Brindisa’s freshly-grilled chorizo ciabatta with rocket and sweet piquillo peppers.

Closest Tube: London Bridge

Open: 10.00-17.00, Monday to Saturday


This gem of a market is located a stone’s throw from Waterloo Station and offers up some great street food stalls, from Thai curry to typical British stews, to cake and treats. Just be prepared to wait in line at lunchtime as this is a popular haunt for local office workers.

Top tip: Grab your favourite bite and head to Waterloo Millennium Green or St John’s Church Park on Waterloo Road to enjoy in pretty surroundings.

Our pick: Wrap with freshly-cooked falafel, salad and chilli sauce from Veg As You Go (or colloquially, the Falafel Man)

Closest Tube: Waterloo

Open: 10.00-17.00, Monday to Saturday


This one does pretty much what is says on the tin. Situated directly behind the Southbank Centre, this market is always busy with hungry grazers chomping down on fragrantly-filled Indian dosa, handmade beef burgers, and swilling it all down with a traditional country cider or a refreshing flute of Prosecco.

Top tip: Once you’ve got your hands (and mouth) full, head for the steps built up on shipping containers for a place to sit or wander down onto the river front and find an empty bench and watch the throngs of people pass by.

Our pick: It has to be the duck confit burger with blue cheese and truffle honey chutney from The Frenchie.

Closest Tube: Waterloo or Embankment

Open: Around 12.00-20.00 Friday to Sunday (hours vary slightly)


What are your favourite street eats in London? Join in the chat on twitter @Whistle_stops

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