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Quiz: Italian Desserts

I’m convinced there can be no bigger fan on earth of sweet treats than me (Umm… I don’t think so Leandi – Ross). When in Italy, my favourite desserts include an authentic (double scoop) gelato, a creamy tiramisu, a pastry-like zeppole and a wonderfully satisfying cannoli.

Of course there is much, MUCH more than just these. I feel a sort-of obligation to mention at least a few others, in case you’d forgotten their origins. Biscotti, Pannacotta and Affogato are other popular desserts, while a whole range of other creative dishes have been dreamed up, such as a chocolate risotto and ricotta cheesecakes. Whether you fancy something sweet for breakfast, for an afternoon treat, or for a dessert to close your meal, there is something on offer for you.

We’ve designed a little Quick Quiz to help set you up with your dream dessert.

If you’re interested in creating these delights at home, check out Delicious Magazine’s Recipes.

Go on, indulge!!

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